Announcing Mail Pilot 2 release date: Feb. 5

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Mark your calendars – the next generation of Mail Pilot now has a release date: February 5th.

With Mail Pilot 2, we wanted to bring our universal iPhone and iPad app up to feature parity with our Mail Pilot for Mac application. We expanded the project to include a complete overhaul of the app’s interface and underlying codebase. Put together, it translates to a more stable, mobile-friendly and gesture-rich email experience. We were so excited about what we came up with, we unveiled the new interface in Macworld last fall.

With the release, the apps will also communicate with each other. An update to Mail Pilot for Mac is coming soon which will enable account syncing via iCloud Drive – meaning you won’t have to enter all of your account details on your phone’s small screen, just your password for security.

We’re getting more excited the closer we get to February 5. We’ve been working on this release for nearly a year, and everyone’s really proud of what we’ve put together.

The app has been in testers’ hands for over 2 months. Our tester’s favorite feature is a suite of new gestures that enable swiping, scrubbing, and even flicking a message out of your inbox. Check it out below.

New customers can expect the price of the universal iPhone and iPad app to remain $9.99, but anyone who has purchased the first version of the iPhone and iPad app will get a free upgrade on us.

Here are some sneak peeks:






Beta Update

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Last fall, we asked for a few beta testers to fill our 1,000 spots we had available. The response was overwhelming – over 7,000 people requested access! So far, we have had 5 beta releases of Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad. Here are the change logs from those releases: Read more »

See our ad in Macworld!

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Macworld is a publication as storied as the Mac itself. The two are the same age – both being first released in 1984. As a kid, I poured over Macworld every month. It brought me up to speed with what new hardware was coming out and what new software I had to buy. Which is why today is a whole lot more special than just a day we printed an ad.

A few months ago, Macworld printed a review of Mail Pilot. I was like a child on Christmas morning unable to contain my surprise and excitement to see something that my team had created reviewed in print, and in Macworld nonetheless. Well, one thing led to another, and this month, we’re unveiling our next product in a full-page Macworld ad. Be sure to pick it up to get all of the details.


Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad beta sign-ups

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Today, we’re excited to open sign-ups for a limited beta of Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone and iPad! The application is still in active development, and there are many finishing touches still in the works, but the time has come to start gathering feedback on this entirely new application.

The beta will be limited in size, so we probably won’t be able onboard everyone who signs up. However, we’ll be gathering feedback about the application in other ways as well.

We’ll be choosing beta testers strategically to ensure a diverse group of testers and devices. You’ll need a device running iOS 8, and you should be comfortable using software that will have bugs and will be undergoing constant changes. If this sounds like something up your alley, sign-up here.