Mail Pilot for Mac free Public Preview

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After months of development and an extended private beta, we just can’t wait any longer. Today, we’re announcing a free Public Preview of Mail Pilot for Mac.

When we officially announced Mail Pilot for Mac in June, we opened beta sign-ups to the public. We were incredible excited by the response to this—receiving more than 10x the sign-ups we initially anticipated. This wasn’t a marketing gimmick; our goal was to devote significant time to wide, public testing to ensure quality and enable us to build an application that our users loved.

In October, we began our beta testing. To streamline the process and allow plenty of time to interact with our beta users, we issued invitations in batches of increasing size. Our initial focus was on stability, efficiency, and performance. Once we had a solid, tested foundation, we turned to adding features and improvements.

Today, we’re ecstatic to announce a free Public Preview of Mail Pilot for Mac. The application is still under very active development, and there are still a few loose ends hanging around, but our beta testers agree that Mail Pilot for Mac is ready for public, everyday use.

This is a big deal for us. We’ve never offered any of our applications free to the public. However, we’re so excited about Mail Pilot for Mac that we can’t wait any longer for everyone to experience the future of desktop email.

The Public Preview will begin Thursday, December 5. To ensure that we can read & utilize all the feedback from Public Preview users as we put the finishing touches on the application, we’ll be batching access in groups of sign-up time. Sign-ups are now open!