Using Dropbox Chooser in Your Email

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This weekend, we released an updated version of Mail Pilot which includes the new Dropbox Chooser. The fine folks at Dropbox have created something really great, and we are ecstatic about what it means for Mail Pilot users.

Now, when you click “Add Attachments,” you are greeted with a pop-up menu:

You can decide to attach a file from your computer, or from your Dropbox. If you’re already logged in to Dropbox, the file chooser pops up immediately (if not, you just log in first).

Select a file, and “boom,” it creates a link with an icon in your message.

It’s that easy. This is phenomenal work from the Dropbox team. The implications are huge: we are implementing this in our forthcoming mobile applications as well. Dropbox is your cloud file system, and implementing the Dropbox Chooser in to Mail Pilot means that you can attach any of your files to an email even from your smartphone. It’s that easy.

Bonus: You can drag and drop files from your filesystem onto the popup menu.

4 Responses to “Using Dropbox Chooser in Your Email”

  1. Chris

    Excellent feature. I have followed mailpilot for quite some time, unfortunately, until exchange support comes along, there’s no practical use for many of us


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