New from the makers of Mail Pilot is their next big innovation in taming the email problem: Throttle.

Mail Pilot 2

Puts you in control
of your inbox.

With an ingenious new email workflow that empowers your inbox productivity, packaged in a beautiful, minimalistic interface that allows only your content and simplicity to shine through, Mail Pilot 2 allows you to focus like never before.

The Workflow

Every user is a power user.

Empower your productivity with Mail Pilot's critically-acclaimed workflow that transforms your inbox from a stressful nightmare into a super intuitive tool. It's a little opinionated, but it's a strategy that gives you new tools to control your email in ways so intuitive it becomes second nature to use in no time.

All emails have tasks. So instead of "unread",

Messages are incomplete, even after you've read them.

When you're done with a message's tasks,

Check it off as complete.

Just like a to-do list, it's then archived.

Can't complete yet?

Set a Reminder.

The message leaves your inbox to keep things clean, but notifies you when you need. Perfect for bills, meetings, and due dates.

When you need to get organized,

Collect messages in Lists.

Lists contain related messages from any of your accounts with both incomplete and completed sections.

And for everything else,

Just Set Aside.

It's like clearing your desk so you can get some work done.


Designed for simplicity & focus.

Interact with the best workflow for email using an incredibly simple but powerful interface. All of the Mail Pilot apps were painstakingly designed to only show what's necessary, and to reduce the number of interactions required. The result is tremendous: you can leverage the power of the Mail Pilot workflow with incredibly grace, focus, and speed.

Don't worry, we didn't get too caught up in the bigger
picture; here are the details you might worry about.

No Third-party Server

Mail Pilot never stores, processes, or transmits your data through third-party servers. Your account details, passwords, and personal data are securely stored on your device. All communication occurs directly between your device and your email server.

IMAP Compatibility

All standard IMAP accounts are compatible, including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, Rackspace,, and Google Apps. Mail Pilot remains securely synchronized with your email servers and other clients.

OAuth Support

If you use Gmail or Google Apps, you will be able to upgrade existing accounts or add new accounts using OAuth.

Unified Inbox

Stop checking all of your email accounts all day. In Mail Pilot, all of your accounts are presented within a unified inbox.

Easy to find data

Access your Mail Pilot-categorized messages from any email client using the special folders Mail Pilot creates, so you never lose your data.

Folder Support

While Mail Pilot does give you higher-level organization tools, your existing folders still have a first-class home in Mail Pilot. Open any of your folders, create new folders, and move messages to folders with keyboard shortcuts and drag & drop.