Mail Pilot Reviews
Take it from them — here's what current users and press have been saying.
We apologize for any profanity on this page. Some people really like Mail Pilot.

"A clean, impressive, often beautiful way to manage unruly email" Nathan Alderman

"If you treat your email like a task, Mail Pilot is a great app for organizing it" Thorin Klosowski

"One of my favorite alternative Mail apps for Mac" Allyson Kazmucha

"Mail Pilot is a superb mail client" Dave Johnson

"Offers a new safe haven for those averse to Apple's own built-in keep users as close to inbox zero as humanly possible" J.R. Bookwalter

"Many useful features that people have come to love" Jacqui Cheng

"An ability to work with all IMAP providers rather than just Gmail make it worth a look." Stuart Dredge

"Mail Pilot for Mac turns email into an intuitive to-do list" Bryan Wolfe

"Bring Email Back to the Future" Rachel Metz

"A great way to manage email" Matthew Guay

"Not only is Mail Pilot a joy to use, its reminders feature makes it a worthy alternative to Apple’s Mail" Bakari Chavanu

"Turning email into a more immediately actionable to-do list" Darrell Etherington

"Ingenious new email service" David Pogue

"Mail Pilot focuses on the idea that email is action-based, providing users with a number of ways to deal with email messages." Juli Clover

"Mail Pilot on iOS is one of the most intuitive and powerful ways to manage your email. Now it’s available for everyone to try on the Mac." John Brownlee

"Kickstarter of the week"

"And that's the amazing thing about Mail Pilot. I'm used to letting emails pile up...For the first time in recent memory, I had an empty inbox." Megan Lavey-Heaton

"Quickly replying to emails works better than perhaps any other iOS email client...The unified inbox works perfectly"

"Bonus points for the fact that it communicates with your own mail servers, not a third-party's" Ashley Feinberg

"Good app and well worth it... I've already replaced Apple Mail with this... I'm impressed; it's worth $15." Leo Laporte

"The interface is incredibly clean and simple, and feature list is pretty rich and expanding all the time" Cam Bunton