Completing messages is the cornerstone of Mail Pilot's action-based inbox. Use Complete to define and control the status of your messages in the most clear and intuitive manner.

In Mail Pilot, all new messages arrive as Incomplete. When you Complete a message in Mail Pilot, it is archived out of your inbox. Reading a message does not change its status (there is no such thing as unread, read, and marking as unread in Mail Pilot). To Complete any message, tap or click the check mark icon. The message will be removed from your inbox and archived in your Completed category in Mail Pilot.

Use Complete whenever you are done with all further action associated with a message. For example:

  • A message is junk, and requires no action.
  • You've replied to a message that requires no other further action.
  • You finished reading a newsletter.
  • You completed the conference call referenced in the message.
  • You forwarded the message to your secretary for further action.

Finding messages outside of Mail Pilot Server-side configuration

Messages completed in Mail Pilot can be found via webmail or other clients in the folder named MailPilot/Completed.