Mail Pilot makes it easy to find your messages, no matter where they are.


The Source List contains all of your messages in an intuitively organized manner. It can be toggled in or our via the Sources button at the top left of the application.


The accounts section shows all of your accounts, and a nested list of each account's folders.


The following are included under Incomplete:

  • Inbox — A unified inbox of all of your accounts
  • Today — Messages with Reminders set for today (these are also pinned to the top of your Inbox)
  • Upcoming — Messages with Reminders set for the future
  • Set Aside
  • Drafts


The following are included under Complete:

  • Archive — Messages that you've completed in Mail Pilot
  • Sent
  • Trash

Keyboard Shortcut

⌘S — Toggle the source list

iPhone & iPad

Slide the inbox down to reveal the backscreen, where you can access all of your folders, reminders, and lists.

The tab bar allows you to quickly navigate to the most common places in Mail Pilot. It's always accessible in the top bar of the Mac application, the bottom bar of the iPhone app, and the side bar of the iPad app.



The Inbox tab takes you directly to your unified Inbox of all of your accounts.


The Today tab takes you directly to your messages with Reminders set for today. These messages are also pinned to the top of your Inbox. The Today tab also includes all of your Past Due messages.

Set Aside

The Set Aside tab takes you directly to your messages that you've Set Aside.


The Upcoming tab shows all of your message that have Reminders set in the future.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ⌘1 — Open Inbox
  • ⌘2 — Open Today's Reminders
  • ⌘3 — Open Set Aside
  • ⌘4 — Open Upcoming
  • ⌘5 — Open Archive (completed)


To search, simply begin typing in the search bar at the top right or hit ⌘F on your keyboard.

You can search just the headers of your messages (to, from, cc, bcc, subject) or you can search all messages contents (including the body) by selecting the appropriate option in the search dropdown.

Search Tokens

Simple terms such as “from:”, “to:”, “with:”, “subject:”, and “all:” can be added to the beginning of any search to customize the results for the content you’re trying to locate.

⌘F — Search

iPhone & iPad

Use the search bar in the backscreen when you slide the inbox down.

Mail Pilot for Mac remains securely synchronized with your email server, Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad, and your other email clients. It's easy to find messages outside of Mail Pilot.

Completed Messages


Messages Set for Reminder






Set Aside


Customizing the folders for Mail Pilot actions


You can customize the routing and folders used for actions in Mail Pilot: "Mail Pilot" > "Preferences" > "Accounts" > your account > Change the folders

iPhone & iPad

Open an account from the backscreen, and hit the settings gear to change the routing and folders for that account.

If you cannot locate a message that you've acted on via the above methods, simply log into your webmail and search for that message. It is not possible for Mail Pilot for Mac to permanently delete a message from your server except from the trash folder, so the message will still exist in some location on the server.

In the future, we'll be implementing undo functionality within Mail Pilot for Mac to help recover from accidental actions.