Often related messages require similar actions, or should be dealt with together. Lists allow you to view related messages in a focused context. Unlike folders, Lists can collect messages from multiple accounts in to one place. They also collect both Incomplete and Complete messages, grouped by status.

Tap or click the List icon and create a new List or select an existing one. Messages moved into Lists no longer appear in the Incomplete category. Access Lists in Mail Pilot's Lists panel.

Collect related messages from multiple accounts in Lists. For example:

  • You are receiving resumés for a job posting. Put them in a List to read through them at the same time.
  • You would like to collect all of your newsletters in one place to read over the weekend.
  • You would like to keep a wish list for future purchases.
  • You need to collect receipts to easily compile your expense report.
  • You are in charge of compiling the presentation for next Friday's meeting. Use a List to keep all of the pieces together as they come in.

Sending messages to complete

When messages in Lists are completed, they are sent to that List's completed section. You can also send messages directly to a List's completed section from outside that List. If a message in Mail Pilot's overall Complete category is sent to a List, it is automatically sent to that List's completed section. In some versions of the Mail Pilot applications, if a message is incomplete, you can tap or click and hold a message's check mark to complete and send to a selected List's completed section.

Finding messages outside of Mail Pilot Server-side configuration

Messages marked for Review on a Date in Mail Pilot can be found via webmail or other clients in the folders matching the naming convention MailPilot/ReviewLists/<LIST-NAME>.