Customize Mail Pilot to fit your workflow.

Your new messages are automatically pushed to Mail Pilot. If the application is in the background, you will receive a Notification Center notification for the new message.


You can turn off notifications or change the alert sound under Mail Pilot > Preferences > General

iPhone & iPad

You can turn on background fetch notifications

You can turn on the new message notifications that use background fetch by sliding the inbox down, tapping the gear in the top right, and tapping "Background Fetch Notifications".

Rather than just string related messages together, we designed nested conversational threads. You can easily see context within long threads, which participants were on each individual message, and a clear relationship among the messages.

Conversation Filters

Filter the conversation via the filter bar at the top right of the message view to easily see your unanswered messages, an overview of the conversation, or the most recent message in each branch of the conversation.

Newest at the Top

To show the newest message at the top of the message view, simply click "Reversed" in the top corner of a thread's message view


If you prefer flatter, unnested threads, you can selet "Flat" in the top corner of a thread's message view

Keyboard Shortcuts

Filter All ⌘⇧A
Filter None ⌘⇧N
Filter Recent ⌘⇧R
Filter Unanswered ⌘⇧U

To change and set signatures, simply navigate to Mail Pilot > Preferences > Signatures, select the account associated with your signature.

Rich Text and Links

You can use native functionality to edit your signature in rich text. You can also add links.


You can also create your signature using HTML or paste existing HTML.


You can add hotlinked images using the HTML signature editor. If you're unfamiliar with HTML, you can follow the step-by-step below.

  1. Ensure that your image is hosted somewhere on the web. There are plenty of services that allow you to do this easily and for free (i.e. Flickr, PhotoBucket, etc).
  2. Copy the url for your image.
  3. Click “Mail Pilot” > “Preferences” > “Signatures” to access your Signatures
  4. Select the account for which you’d like to add an image to the signature.
  5. Click “< / >” in the bottom left corner
  6. Add the following HTML to your signature replacing your url in the appropriate place: <img src=“your_url_goes_here”>


Make Mail Pilot Default Mail Client

If you would like to have Mail Pilot open email links and share links across your operating system, you can choose to make Mail Pilot your default client

Receiving Messages

Disable instant email notifications with IMAP idle

If you don't want to have messages instantly pushed into Mail Pilot from your server, select this setting. Mail Pilot then will only fetch messages every 5 minutes.

Disable Notification Center notifications

Select this setting to stop receiving Mail Pilot notifications in your Mac's Notification Center

Notification sound

Use this setting to turn off or change the sound when you receive a Mail Pilot notification

Sending Messages

Enable ⌘ ⏎ keyboard shortcut to send

Use this setting to turn off or enable the keyboard shortcut for sending messages

Automatically quote original message in replies

Use this setting to enable the quoting of full original messages when you reply to a thread. Normally, this information is not necessary as modern email clients already thread the related messages.

Save recipients as contacts

Use this setting to turn off or the automatic saving of all recipients into your Contacts app

Default send from

Select the account from which you'd like new messages to be sent from. You can always change this on a case-by-case basis in the compose window.

Default font for HTML messages

Use this setting to set a default font family and size for your outgoing HTML messages

Message List

Disable confirmation messages before moves

To prevent the confirmation popup with Completing, Deleting, or Setting Aside a message, use this setting. Messages will be moved immediately without the extra confirmation step.

Disable attachment preview

To disable attachment previews in your message list, select this setting. A paperclip icon will indicate attachments in the message list, and attachments will only appear in the message view.

Show unread indicator

Use this setting to enable an unread indicator for messages

Don't show previews for messages

Select this to show no message previews in your message list

Appearing to be from a computer (English only)

Select this to turn off message previews for messages that appear to be form a computer (Newsletters, Notifications, etc).

Not to one of my email addresses

Select this to show no message previews for messages that aren't sent to one of your email addresses.

From an email address I've never emailed

Select this to show no message previews for an email coming from a sender that you've never emailed.

Viewing Messages

Show link URL when cursor hovers over link

Select this to show a preview of a link's URL at the bottom of the message view before you click on it

Show winmail.dat attachments

Select this to show generally unnecessary attachments from certain other clients. This may be necessary to view ICS calendar invites in some cases

Disable hotlinked images in messages

To prevent images from being loaded in HTML messages, simple select this setting. Images will no longer load in your messages. When this setting is enabled, you can enable hotlinked images on an individual message via the button in the top left of the message view.

Message font size

Use this setting to change the font size that is used to display your messages. This setting only applies to the message view.