Mail Pilot automatically uses the best service available to get your new messages to you faster.

Mail Pilot for Mac for iPhone + iPad
Push IMAP Push (IDLE) is used when the server supports it 1, 2 When the app is open, IMAP Push (IDLE) is used when the server supports it 2. When closed, Background Fetch is used.
Polling New mail is downloaded every five minutes When the app is open, new mail is downloaded every five minutes. When closed, Background Fetch is used.
Manual Click the refresh button in the tool bar Swipe the message list down to refresh

1 There is a setting to disable IMAP-Idle and tell Mail Pilot to only fetch messages every 5 minutes.

2 This uses a protocol called IMAP IDLE and does not require any third-party servers.

About Notifications on iPhone + iPad

Mail Pilot for iPhone and iPad supports background fetch notifications. If enabled, the operating system will allow Mail Pilot to periodically check for new messages in the background and post local notifications of new messages.

We don't support instant Push Notifications as this would require us to route all of your email through a third party server, and we chose to prioritize security and privacy.

Notifications are turned off by default, and can be enabled in Settings within the application.

Here's a bit about how these background fetch notifications work:

Phase 1: Short Training Period — Your device’s operating system will intuitively learn how you use Mail Pilot. Depending on the frequency of use and the amount of time spent in the application, Mail Pilot will periodically check for new messages in the background and issue Notifications for these new messages. In practice, there is a training period that can take several days.

Phase 2: Intuitive & Efficient Notification Bliss — Once your device’s operating system determines your usage, you’ll find that notifications come incredibly regularly and new messages are there before you need them.

Settings — We've made it easy to adjust Notifications to fit your workflow. In the settings for each of your email accounts, you can toggle Notifications on or off. Toggling Notifications off will not disable background syncing of new messages, so your new messages will still be waiting for you each time you open the application.

Beyond this, the timing of background syncing and Notifications are all handled intelligently by your device’s operating system, and are outside of the control of Mail Pilot.


To compose a new message, press the "New Message" button or hit ⌘N on your keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcut

⌘N — Compose

iPhone & iPad

To compose a new message, press the compose icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can begin drafting a message, swiping down to close and save a draft whenever you need.


To send a reply, simply select "Reply to Everyone" or "Reply to Sender" in the top of the Message view or in the bar below an individual message.

By default, the reply will send from the account which received the message to which you're replying, but you can use the From selector to select another account or alias.

Quoting the original message

To quote the original message in your reply, click the '' quote icon at the left of the formatting bar below the reply. To enable it by default, check the setting "Automatically quote original message in replies" in the preferences window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ⌘R — Reply to Sender
  • ⌘E — Reply to Everyone

iPhone & iPad

To reply to a message, tap one of the two reply arrows when the message is open. Your reply will open in the compose window.


To send a forward, simply select "Forward" in the top of the message view or via the bar at the bottom of the message content. A new compose window will open autofilled with the subject and message body. Simply add the email address to which you'd like to forward the message, and then add any comments or remarks in the body section.

Keyboard Shortcut

⌘⇧F — Forward

iPhone & iPad

To forward a message, tap one the forward arrow when the message is open. Your forward will open in the compose window.


When you're composing a new message or replying to a thread, Mail Pilot automatically saves a copy of your progress periodically into Mail Pilot Drafts.

Finding Drafts

You can locate the draft of a newly composed message by clicking "Drafts" in the Source List. You can locate drafts of replies to threads within that thread which will now have a new draft icon in the Message List.

Currently, drafts are stored locally on your computer and not on your email server. If you're running Mail Pilot on multiple computers, your draft will only be located on the computer from which you initiated the draft. A future update will bring the the ability to save drafts to your email server and edit them across multiple computers.

iPhone & iPad

In the compose window, tap "Drafts" to open a saved Draft. To save a draft, just slide the compose window closed, and a draft will be instantly saved.