Action-based messages often require action on or after a certain day or time. Use Reminders for an automated, stress-free email experience.

Tap or click the calendar icon of a message and select a date on which to review the message. Mail Pilot will push the message to the top of your message list on that date to prompt your review. Some versions of the Mail Pilot applications will integrate with your device's notification center to ensure you see the message without needing to open Mail Pilot. Messages in a List do not appear in your Incomplete list, but can be accessed at any time in Mail Pilot's dates panel.

If a message should be dealt with on a future date, assign it to remind on that day. For example:

  • A message has Friday's meeting location. Mark it to remind on Friday so that you will be reminded of the meeting and its location.
  • A message has the tickets for the concert on Saturday. Mark it to remind then so you don't have to dig them up at the last minute.
  • Your electric bill is due on the 25th. Mark it to remind on the 20th to make sure you submit payment in time.
  • You will be receiving a delivery from the USPS on Tuesday. Mark it to remind then to remember to watch for the package.
  • Your mom sent you her travel itinerary for next weekend. Mark it to remind then so you don't leave her stranded at the airport.

Past Due

Messages not completed by their review date are gathered into a Past Due category, which also appears at the top of your message list in Mail Pilot.

Finding messages outside of Mail Pilot Server-side configuration

Messages marked for Reminders in Mail Pilot can be found via webmail or other clients in the folders matching the naming convention MailPilot/ReviewOn/<MMDDYYYY>.

Messages gathered into Past Due can be found in the folder named MailPilot/ReviewOn/PastDue.

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