Set Aside is the email equivalent to clearing off your desk so you can focus on the task in front of you. Use it to gain more clarity and focus in your inbox.

Tap or click the Set Aside icon. The message no longer appears in your Incomplete category, and can be found in the Set Aside panel.

When you can't deal with a message, but don't have time to organize it properly, simply set it aside and deal with it later. For example:

  • You would like to respond to a message when you have more time. Set it Aside so it does not clutter your inbox, causing unnecessary stress.
  • You received a coupon that you may be interested in later.
  • Your mom sends you a recipe, and you want to send her a picture of it when you get the chance to make it.
  • You may need to reference this message's attachments later this week. Set it Aside to have it close at hand.
  • Someone forwarded an interesting article to you, and you would like to take the time to read it and respond when you have some downtime.

Finding messages outside of Mail Pilot Server-side configuration

Messages Set Aside in Mail Pilot can be found via webmail or other clients in the folder named MailPilot/SetAside.

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