The message list provides a lot of organizational actions without having to open a message.



Click the check mark next to a message in the message list to Complete it.

Batch moving

Any of the following actions can be done to multiple messages. Select multiple messages by command-clicking the desired messages, then do one of the following.

Right-click actions

Right click a message to complete, set a reminder, add to a list, delete, move to a folder, reply, or forward; or multiple messages to complete, set aside, or delete.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Select one or more messages, then use a keyboard shortcut to organize quickly.

Drag & Drop

Select one or more messages, then drag them to the source list. You can drag any number of messages to a list, the today tab, inbox, set aside, archive, trash, or folder.

Number shortcuts for reminders

When a message is open, press any number key to set a reminder for that many days in the future. So to set a reminder for tomorrow, press '1'. To set a reminder for 1 week, press '7'.

Nested Thread Filters

When a thread has more than one message in it, you can select "Nested" mode in the top right corner of the window. Then, you can filter messages by the most recent, or by the messages in the thread that you haven't responded to. Mail Pilot even understands that if you reply to a reply, that original message can be filtered out. This way, you can catch up with a long thread quickly.

iPhone + iPad


Tap the check mark next to a message in the message list to Complete it, or swipe the message from right to left.


Quickly mark a message for Review on a Date by Scrubbing. Scrubbing is an intuitive gesture control in which you slowly drag a message item from left to right to remind in an increasing number of days the further you drag.


Tap & hold a message to then flick a message toward one of the four edges of the screen, to organize it in different ways.

Batch moving

Simply scroll the inbox all the way to the top to reveal a "Select" button. After tapping this button, you can select messages by tapping them. Select an action in the top bar to organize all of the selected messages at once.

When messages from multiple accounts are selected in bulk, they can be added to any list, however the folder tab within the List menu will not be available.

Keyboard shortcuts have been given first-class treatment in Mail Pilot for Mac. All major functionality is just an intuitive keystroke away.


Complete Space
Remind me on a date R
Remind me in n days 0-9
Move to a List L
Move to a Folder/Label F
Set Aside S
Delete delete


Compose New Message ⌘ N
Reply ⌘ R
Reply All ⌘ A
Forward ⌘ ⇧ F
Send ⌘ enter
Send and Complete ⌘ ⇧ enter


Toggle Source List ⌘ S
Open Preferences ⌘ ,
Open Inbox ⌘ 1
Open Today ⌘ 2
Open Set Aside ⌘ 3
Open Upcoming ⌘ 4
Open Completed Archive ⌘ 5
Open Search ⌘ F
Open Help ⌘ ⇧ ?

Thread Filters

Expand All Messages ⌘ ⇧ A
Collapse All ⌘ ⇧ N
Expand Recent ⌘ ⇧ R
Expand Unanswered ⌘ ⇧ U

Prevent Confirmation Popups

To prevent the confirmation popup with Completing, Deleting, or Setting Aside a message, go to Preferences > and check "Don't show confirmation messages before message moves". Messages will be moved immediately without the extra confirmation step.