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Learn about the history of Mail Pilot, from its days on Kickstarter and beyond.

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Throttle for iPhone Beta Launches
May 24, 2016

Mail Pilot

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What is Mail Pilot?

Mail Pilot is an email client for Mac®, iPhone®, and iPad® focused on making email more intuitive. Its simple, task-oriented approach allows users to quickly manage and productively organize their inboxes.

What is Mail Pilot's Story?

In 2011, Alexander Obenauer and Joshua Milas realized that email should be better, so they set out to reimagine email for today's modern workflows and uses. As a student and recent graduate, they took their idea to Kickstarter in January 2012. Thanks to astounding support of 1,623 backers, Mail Pilot's Kickstarter campaign was a success raising $54,205 -- 155% of the funding goal.

Just months later, Mail Pilot came to life with a web application for Kickstarter backers in June 2012. In September 2012, web application access was opened to the public.

In April 2013, the first fully-native Mail Pilot application, Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad, was released. This application received widespread praise and attention from across the industry, and was featured by Apple® as a Best New App in over 130 countries on the front page of the App Store, and with a banner in the Productivity category.

In September 2013, Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad received a full redesign with the introduction of iOS 7. This update also included Notifications, issued securely using new backgrounding abilities.

In October 2013, Mail Pilot for Mac beta began. It was expanded into a free Public Preview in December which was downloaded over 10,000 times in the first 12 hours online.

In January 2014, Mail Pilot for Mac officially launched on the Mac App Store℠ to create a cross-platform intuitive email experience. It became the #1 paid app in the entire Mac App Store in just a few hours, eventually taking that spot in over 50 countries. It was featured on the front page of the Mac App Store with a banner, and as a Best New App. Following the 1.1 update, Macworld rated it at 4.5 / 5 mice, their highest-rated web & communication app.

In February 2015, Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad was released on the App Store.

What sets Mail Pilot apart?

Mail Pilot is the email client reimagined from the ground up. We ignored all notions of common email clients, and we focused on how an email client could fit modern email workflows and uses. Realizing that all email messages are action-based, we developed Mail Pilot and its feature-set to empower users to use email in an intuitive and productive way.

What types of email accounts can be added to Mail Pilot?

All Google, iCloud, Yahoo!,, AOL, Rackspace, standard IMAP, and Exchange with IMAP enabled email accounts can be added to Mail Pilot.

What devices and operating systems is Mail Pilot compatible with?

Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad and is compatible with iOS 6.1 or later. Mail Pilot 2 for iPhone + iPad is compatible with iOS 8 or later. Mail Pilot for Mac is available for OS 10.8 and higher.

What is Mail Pilot's revenue model?

Mail Pilot is based on a straightforward one-time pay per application pricing model. The universal Mail Pilot for iPhone + iPad is available for $9.99. Mail Pilot for Mac is available for $19.99.

What is Mail Pilot's Mission?

To reduce stress in email users' lives with a more productive email experience through a refreshed understanding of how people use email today, closing the semantic gap between how we want to organize and how we actually can. To positively impact the way people use and think about email.

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What is Throttle?

Throttle lets you control who can send you email, find out who tries to sell or steal your email address (and stop them), and stop giving out your email address online. Plus, it combines all the mass mailings you receive into a single daily digest email.

No more irrelevant interruptions, no more “unsubscribe” wars. It solves email's biggest problem: every time you give out your email address online, it's like giving out the key to your house. They can put anything in your inbox they want, and often they sell your address to others who do the same.

What sets Throttle apart?

Any kind of filtering in the inbox, or using the "+" hack on Gmail addresses fail in a huge way: you're still giving out your email address. With Throttle, you stop giving out your email address. This is a very important difference. Giving out your email address online is like handing out the key to your house. Anyone can put anything they want in your inbox, and often they sell it to others who do the same.

With Throttle, users can finally put a definitive end to this problem. For the first time ever, email users actually have control over who gets into their inboxes. We only wish we had come up with Throttle sooner.

Plus, the software is incredibly elegant. This kind of solution could be a pain to use based on the execution, but Throttle was designed with the end user at the focus. A browser extension adds a button to all email fields on the web, so generating an email address from it actually takes less effort than it would to fill out your own email address. Further, the daily digest ensures you don't have to remember to check another thing.

Email users have never had this kind of control. The "Revoke Access" button doesn't just "block" that sender - it immediately shuts off access to your inbox from anyone that got your email address from that sender. So if you signed up at, and their sister sites & have been sending you coupons every day since, revoking's access shuts down &'s access too. No need to go through all the unsubscribe forms.

This came in super handy for three different Throttle users during the beta:

  • One when their email address was sold to thousands of spammers (resulted in over 6,000 emails - more info here)
  • One when the sender had a data leak, and spammers stole the addresses (resulted in hundreds of emails)
  • One when the sender had a software glitch that resulted in over 500 emails

None of the emails got anywhere near their inbox, which could have been a problem plaguing them for years, and turning all of them off - not just blocking one of the senders - was a click of a button.

That, plus being able to combine all your mass mailings into a single daily digest email, means huge time savings on email - something everyone can benefit quite a bit from!

What is Throttle's Story?

While brainstorming new projects, we happened upon a simple, yet intriguing idea: what if our email client, Mail Pilot, could let you authorize subscriptions online so that users could have mass mailings automatically categorized in a news reader instead of always bugging them in their inboxes? But how would that even work - would we need newsletter publishers to embed a button of ours along with their subscription box? That won't work. Is there a way we could make a browser extension to do it? But what would that extension even do; how would it safely authorize this sender? Sure, we would know the domain of the website, but what if that sender sold your email address to others; there's nothing you could do about that, and we wouldn't be able to appropriately categorize those messages. But wouldn't it be great if you could just click a button by any signup form to subscribe without compromising your email address? Where the email client could take care of all the risk...

And then it hit us. We randomize the email addresses. The benefits never end - it gives you total control over who has access to your inbox - you know if someone sold your email address, you can revoke anyone's access to your inbox, and so much more. We quickly decided we could build the service separate from our email client by supplying a news reader and daily digest.

We designed and developed Throttle initially in the first half of 2015, filed a patent, and unveiled on May 26, 2015. We grew a lot during the soft launch, releasing to the public on January 12, 2016.

What is Throttle's compatibility?

Throttle supports any email service, because it actually doesn't need access to your email to work. Since it stops mass mailings before they even get to your inbox, it doesn't need to access your inbox for anything.

At launch, Throttle will have browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Safari on the desktop. Firefox and mobile support is coming soon.


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What is Mindsense?

Mindsense is a software engineering company that creates refined software experiences to solve everyday problems.

What is Mindsense's Vision?

Grow a team of smart, creative people that together inspire refreshed thought on outdated norms and craft innovative, refined solutions and experiences that improve the lives of those who use our software, work on our team, and live in our communities.

What are your products?

Mail Pilot, our flagship product, is an intuitive email client for Mac, iPhone and iPad. We've been honored to see it rank as the #1 paid app in 58 countries, be featured by Apple in the App Store in over 130 countries and receive widespread praise from across the industry.

Where is Mindsense based?

Mindsense is based in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Blacksburg, VA. Our Head Office is located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, an AURP award-winning research park adjacent to our alma mater's campus. We enjoy being a part of the unique and growing technology and entrepreneurial culture thriving in Southwest Virginia.

How do you give back?

We're passionate about local nonprofit organizations. Mindsense provides web design, development, and hosting services to several non-profit organizations in Blacksburg, Roanoke, and the Southwest Virginia region. Mindsense sponsors a number of events in the region including Make a Mark Roanoke - Blacksburg, TEDxVirginiaTech, and Startup Weekend Blacksburg.

We believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge. In January 2013, we published an ebook chronicling our Kickstarter journey. Maximize Your Crowd shares months of research, case studies, and insights into the crowd funding process. We're actively involved in several Open Source software projects and plan to Open Source more of our software to share with other developers.

We give back to the Virginia Tech community. We engage students through internship opportunities, and we're involved in fostering entrepreneurial spirit throughout the university. We created a campus dining center application, Hungry Hokie, to help students utilize and navigate the number one collegiate dining program in the country. Hungry Hokie has been featured in the New York Times and The Washington Post and remains a free, community project maintained by Mindsense and current students.

How is Mindsense funded?

We are incredibly grateful to have received our initial funding from 1,623 of our biggest fans via Kickstarter in February 2012. Since then, we've been able to profitably bootstrap our dreams and independently develop our products and business.

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