Throttle Launch Media Kit

Control Who Can Send You Email, for the First Time, with Throttle

Never worry about giving out your email address again. With Throttle, you get a clean, focused inbox free of mass mailings and irrelevant interruptions. Spend more time on the things that motivate and excite you, without the interruptions and frustration. Enjoy the content you're interested in subscribing to in a single daily digest email, or in Throttle's beautiful reading list.

Throttle even allows you to identify the people who sell your address, and gives you the power to revoke their access, so they can never bother you again. It does all of this while being the most secure option on the market.

Check out the Throttle video or website to find out how we were able to achieve this breakthrough functionality.

After this launch, we'll ready Throttle Pro and Throttle Mobile for release. The first 1,000 Throttle customers to request access to the Throttle Pro and Throttle mobile betas will get early access.

Solving unsolved problems has always been the driving force behind Mindsense, which is currently best known for its email client, Mail Pilot, which for years has been reimagining email. It was called "ingenious" in The New York Times and became the #1 Paid App in the entire Mac App Store within hours after launch. Throttle is a natural next step for Mindsense to continue their fight to give email users the control they deserve over their inboxes and their time.

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This brief video does a great job at explaining how Throttle is able to achieve so many new innovations with email.

What is Throttle? (2:44)

Press Release & Details


Launch — Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Security & Privacy

Throttle doesn't need access to your email account to work, so users don't need to compromise their privacy to use it.


Throttle works with all email addresses. Throttle's browser extension, used to generate Throttle addresses in signup forms, is available for Chrome and Safari.


  • Unlimited Generated Addresses
  • Categories
  • Revoke Access
  • Online Reading List
  • Browser Extension
  • Daily Digest
  • Daily & Weekly Category Digests
  • Scam Shield
  • Instant Forwarding
  • and more...


  • Control who can send you email
  • Stop giving out your email address
  • Combine mass mailings in to a single daily digest email
  • Find out who tries to sell your email address
  • Eliminating daily interruptions from unimportant messages
  • Stop giving out your email address online
  • No more time-consuming "unsubscribe" attempts
  • Reduced inbox clutter
  • Enjoy subscribing to interesting content and reading it on your own time
  • Know (and manage) what you're subscribed to
  • Sign up for websites without fear

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Please contact us at any time. We're happy to answer any questions, schedule an interview, get you early access to Throttle, or give you some discount codes for your readers.